Edward goes to the Hotel Monaco

In Paris, people adore their chiens and take them everywhere. They take them to restaurants, hair salons and shops. As you may have read in my past blog post, during the French class I took in Paris, the teacher told us to ask her any question that would be useful and she would be happy to translate for us. So much to the amusement of my classmates, I asked how to say : May I photograph your dog? Laugh if you will but this sentence came in very handy. I saw a dog on the street in Paris who reminded me of my beloved cairn terrier Edward. Below is French dog

Edward's Doppelganger

Here is Edward

The French and the way they bring their dogs everywhere: to stores, restaurants, hotels inspired me to bring Edward with us to the Hotel Monaco in Salt Lake City. The Hotel Monaco is a very dog friendly hotel—each room has a dog bed and when you walk into the lobby there is a sign welcoming guests: Welcome Edward!

Edward loved the room, the bed and especially the very large dog bone treat awaiting him.

I think he could get used to the ways of the French.

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