Chic Free Things to Do in Paris

Frenchophile is happy to welcome Lela Lake, who is guest posting for us today. Lela is a life-long lover of Parisian culture who writes for, the budget travel specialists. Bienvenue, Lela!

Entertaining yourself in Paris on a budget is a snap if you possess a sense of adventure and an eye for the delights […]

Every Day is Valentine’s Day in Paris

Padlock on Pont des Arts

NoLo and I were taking a cruise on the Seine, admiring the architecture along the banks when we came to the Pont des Arts and our guide pointed out hundreds of padlocks on the bridge. Lovers carve their initials on the padlocks and attach them to the side […]

Wordless Wednesday

Killing Him Softly With Bug Spray

NoLo E-hub isn’t feeling well –I look at him and he is sweating and he looks awful. So we hail a cab to take us back to the apartment. On the taxi’s radio, the announcer tells about a Roberta Flack concert and I think about how much I love her song “Killing Me Softly.” I […]

Hi-tech Paris

Little Black Flats

Five weeks until I leave for Paris! A mere 35 Days! Relying on my Paris experience from last summer, I’ve worked out some of my packing problems: shoes—little black flats ready to go. Clothes—last summer was unbearably hot and I found that summer dresses were the most comfortable—plus I felt […]

Ma Petite Chien Va A Paris?

Edward practices getting on an elevator

Edward loves the French life. In Paris, dogs are transformed from dogs into small kings. They are invited into cafes, department stores, and hotels as long as they have good manners. Edward tasted this life at the Hotel Monaco on a trip to Salt Lake City […]

Paris Encore

Sometimes life is better than, well, life! My friend Sarah said, “Why don’t you do for other writers what you did for me? You could take them to museums, go to restaurants, show them Paris?”

The clock at Musee D

This is the most brilliant idea ever!


Deciding to test the waters, […]

Paris Redux: The 107,000-Mile Ticket?

During the winter holidays in Paris the Eiffel tower and the Champs Elysees are strung with twinkling lights. I’m imagining how beautiful that must be, even as I’m writing from the winter wonderland of Jackson Hole, where our Town Square with its famous antler arches is draped in sparkling blue lights. Still, I dream of […]

Paris News (from Jackson Hole)

The verit Shakespeare and Company

It snowed today in Jackson Hole and as I’m currently stuck inside, I was daydreaming about Paris. Today, the LA Times included a story about Shakespeare and Company—the venerable English language bookstore on Paris’s Left Bank and one of the best bookstores in the world: The English-language bookstore […]


This blog began with my 60,000 mile ticket to Paris and will continue with my French-flavored adventures until my return trip to Paris next summer. […]