The Louvre: The good, bad and ugly

Today Anna and I stopped by Angelina, famous for its choc-chaud (hot chocolate) before venturing to the Louvre. We were dying to see what all the fuss was about—hot chocolate is hot chocolate, right? Unless it’s chocolate cake batter. This drink is so thick that Anna vascillated between sipping it and drinking it with a […]

Modern Art is different than Regular Art

I adore modern art. The days Anna and I  have spent at the Musee l’arte Moderne and today at the Pompidou Center were amazing. But I realized several things: 1. It is work to understand modern art. See example below.

I would call this piece “Hey, I lost my […]

Hotel Living is the Life for Me

Fashion Designer Christian LaCroix listed his apartment for 2.6 million

During my previous visits to Paris, I’ve rented an apartment—historic spaces with windows that you could throw open onto the street, light that streamed inside, a true Parisian experience. ( I did not rent Chrisitan LaCroix’s apartment but a girl can dream.)  […]

The Rain in Spain is Mainly on the Plain except when it’s in Paris

Paris rain is the most beautiful rain, humbling plain old wet raindrops worldwide. If you’ve seen Woody Allen’s Midnight in Paris, you’ll know that to truly embrace Paris, you must enjoy the rain. Today, Anna, my 17-year-old daughter and I set out on our first day of adventures on a morning with a small chance […]

Every Day is Valentine’s Day in Paris

Padlock on Pont des Arts

NoLo and I were taking a cruise on the Seine, admiring the architecture along the banks when we came to the Pont des Arts and our guide pointed out hundreds of padlocks on the bridge. Lovers carve their initials on the padlocks and attach them to the side […]

Au Bientot, Paris

Pont Marie

As I prepare to return home, I am packing my clothes which seem to have expanded, no longer fitting into my suitcase. Part of the problem is the Soldes, the sale in Paris that begins on June 26 and continues through August. Stores slash prices from 30-50 percent so it’s a great […]

Museums Are for Eating

Dining at the Musee D'Orsay's restaurant with friends from the Left Bank Writers Retreat

The Musée D’Orsay–housed in a former railway station–is known for its magnificent art collection, but I like to visit the museum’s restaurant.

Originally the dining room for the Hôtel d’Orsay, the new construction by the architect Jean-Michel Wilmotte sets […]

Where’s Picasso?

Le Pigeon aux Petit Pois

It’s getting harder to see Picasso in Paris by the minute. The Picasso Museum, one of my favorites, is closed for renovations—something I read about in the 2010 Rick Steves’ Paris before leaving for Paris. Plus, I learned that during the renovation work last summer, a red sketchbook with […]

Museum Lights Out (Temporarily) in the City of Lights: a “grève” situation

Lights out at the Louvre

My daughter Anna had a dream of going to Paris this Christmas. She looked up photos of Paris during the holidays – the cozy cafes, the twinkling white lights. It didn’t work out for us to go this year. In hindsight, I’m relieved we didn’t splurge on tickets […]

Versailles Chateau in 30 Minutes or Less

Marie Antoinette never said, “Let them eat cake.” There is no historical documentation that she ever said this. Still there is plenty of info about her extravagances–estranged husband (and boyfriend) and I are curious to see her lovely digs at Versailles so we are going on an excursion. Upon the advice of our reliable tour […]