Wordless Wednesday

Mosquitos of Paris

The 24-hour mosquito buffet

Paris isn’t perfect. Nearly. But not perfect. It still has its problems just like everywhere. There’s the dog poo on the sideway issue, which can be hazardous. There are the many strikes that occur, shutting down transportation. And there are the mosquitos.

Ile Saint Louis was resurrected from swampland […]

A ‘Moveable Feast’ at Hemingway’s Former Haunt

Closerie des Lilas

Located on the south side of the Jardin Luxembourg on the Boulevard du Montparnasse, Closerie des Lilas is unlike the other two favorite Hemingway cafes we visited - Aux Deux Magots and Café Le Flore on Boulevard Saint Germain. At those restaurants it felt like there were many more […]

Wordless Wednesday

Beggars CAN Be Choosers in Paris

On a rainy day at a café on the St. Germain, NLEH and I sat behind a stylish Parisian couple with their little Bichon Frise. A homeless woman approached them with a cup and the gentleman dug in his pocket and retrieved a coin which he deposited. All hell broke lose as the woman […]

Killing Him Softly With Bug Spray

NoLo E-hub isn’t feeling well –I look at him and he is sweating and he looks awful. So we hail a cab to take us back to the apartment. On the taxi’s radio, the announcer tells about a Roberta Flack concert and I think about how much I love her song “Killing Me Softly.” I […]

The Best of Ile Saint Louis

We’ve practically eaten our way around the Ile Saint Louis–literally. Three blocks of cafes, restaurants, brasseries and bistros. We had every intention of leaving the island, but why? The food here is fantastic—some of our meals go on the best ever list:

Lentil soup at Le Tastevin: what can possibly be interesting about lentil soup? […]

The Language Barrier

French English Dictionary

I am fearless about speaking French and probably not as good as I think I am. I say the words so confidently that even if I’m wrong I can convince people that I’m speaking French by my bold attitude. Many times tourists on the streets of Paris, thinking I’m French, […]

The Hallowed Halls of Shakespeare and Company

Shakespeare and Company

Shakespeare and Company, the English language bookstore made famous by such patrons as Ernest Hemingway, James Joyce, and T.S. Eliot, is just five minutes from our apartment, across Sully Pont. NLEH has never been there so we head there for a visit on this cloudy, book-buying day.

S&C has three small […]

Waking to a Marching Band

It’s Sunday in Paris! Our plan is to have a lazy morning in our quiet apartment, followed by breakfast (un petite dejeuner) in a corner café with giant Café au Laits. I am sitting in my bathrobe just waking when I hear what sounds like a marching band outside the window. Going to the window, […]