Waking to a Marching Band

It’s Sunday in Paris! Our plan is to have a lazy morning in our quiet apartment, followed by breakfast (un petite dejeuner) in a corner café with giant Café au Laits. I am sitting in my bathrobe just waking when I hear what sounds like a marching band outside the window. Going to the window, […]

La pluie dans Paris sans parapluie! (The rain in Paris without an umbrella)

Today, rain is falling over the city creating a coziness in cafes that is often portrayed in romantic movies. Taxis rush by on the wet streets splashing pedestrians as they pass; pedestrians march down the sidewalk–an army of umbrellas. Waiters step outside periodically to poke the canvas awnings with broomsticks disgorging the water collecting overhead. […]

A Moveable Feast

We’ve arrived! The apartment is located in the premier arrondissement, also known as the museum neighborhood, one block from the Louvre above a restaurant and flanked by a patisserie and a bistro—could we ask for more?

Pied A Terre

Tired after traveling 24 hours we seated ourselves in a bistro chair on the […]