60,000 Mile Ticket to Paris

Orbitz, Travelocity, Kayak, they are my friends during the day when I am bored or stressed and I decide to take a break by daydreaming of my next trip—I’ve found incredibly cheap fares this way. During one of my explorations this April, I checked on tickets to Paris from Jackson on Delta’s Sky Miles site because at the moment I have a lot of miles.  There on the screen was a ticket for 60,000 miles. My hands were shaking when I pressed “purchase with miles.” But a message appeared, “The dates you requested have been sold out, try again”.  After that I could only find 90,000 mile tickets available.  I became obsessed with a 60,000 mile ticket to Paris—it was like the yeti, people had glimpsed it,  we knew it existed, but it was elusive and I had to find it.

I couldn’t stop thinking about the 60,000 mile ticket. I plugged in new date, stalking the 60,000 mile ticket.   75,000, 90,000 and 110,00 mile tickets were available. And then, Voila! A 60,000 mile ticket in August! My teenage daughter was visiting her dad in August, my business was slower in August, and my calendar was clear in August. I pushed “Buy now.”

Here’s what I’ve lined up for my trip to Paris: an “intensive class” in French three hours per day, five days per week at Lutéce language school (saved ten percent by registering online.) ; an appartement (a-par-te-mo) near the school and also near the Louvre. (in the first arrondisement); and a travel companion–I’ve asked my estranged (love this word) husband if he’d like to come for part of my stay. (More on this later.)

Finally last night I called my parents and my mom answered the phone.
“How’s the weather?” I ask.
“Hot,” she says. “How is it there?”
“Hot, too.” I say. “Don’t be shocked but I’m going to Paris.”
Pause. “Well, it’s supposed to be hot again tomorrow.”

Leaving for Paris in ten days…

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