Fashion Faux Pas

I’m going to the fashion capital of the world, right! So I thought I’d prepare myself by looking at some of the fashion from Spring Fashion Week. Just so you know, I refuse to show my butt no matter how fashionable (see image far right below).  And these shoes are for Frankenstein’s Bride. Can you imagine drinking a glass of Bordeaux and then walking in these?

Current fashions from Nina Ricci at Dior during Fashion Week

Current fashions from Nina Ricci at Dior during Fashion Week

I found many helpful blogs about fashion including this from

Ok, so I know you’re on vacation and you don’t care what these people think but please be aware that if you wear shorts in Paris you might as well carry a sign saying I AM A TOURIST!

They may wear short skirts but they never ever wear shorts. Actually they do, but is a subject of much hilarity. Last summer just before the August vacations started one of the lawyers in the firm came to work with Bermudas and shoes with no socks. I guess he was making a statement but he is French and can get away with it.

You will just look silly.

And this:
One fashion accessory that all Parisians (or almost all at least) have is a scarf. Ask any visitor and you will have it confirmed that Parisians wear scarves yearround. I’ve seen it myself when the winter temperatures are in the high 50F’s the winter scarves are apparent on both men and women. When the weather is exceptional the women sport neatly, artistically tied scarves. It certainly appears that the Parisians have perfected the this art.

So after reading posts about what to wear and what not to wear this is what I’ve learned:
No shorts, tank tops and tennis shoes. Dark colors, mini skirts, scarves, pearls, lipstick are recommended.

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