A Blessing or a Curse?

In Paris, sometimes it’s possible to find three bakeries on a single block–they’re omnipresent. When I rented my apartment, I was delighted to find one just around the corner sharing the same courtyard as me. Living near a boulangerie has it’s advantages: five flavors of tarts at your fingertips, plus pain du chocolate always present […]

Book picks for Holiday gifts


In 2011, books with a French twist top my list of holiday gifts, something for every Francophile whether they’ve been naughty or nice. When possible, please support your local bookstore, but for your convenience, I’ve also added an Amazon link. Below are Frenchophile’s favorites:

History 1830-1900: David McCullough’s The Greater Journey McCullough explores American […]

Wine Tasting

One thing that Sarah wants to do while she was in Paris is a wine tasting. I find one that sounds great: Our French sommelier will teach you how to read a French label and how to navigate a wine list. We’ll go through the major French wine regions and the interesting details that make […]

Death of Two Pairs of Little Black Flats

I just couldn’t stand them anymore—the Trashed Tuilleries shoes went into the trash today for many, many reasons. But now, what will take their place?

You may wonder, “what’s the problem! She has plenty of shoes.” Au contraire. Guess what –the German Nanny shoes gave me blisters. No German Nanny Shoes to wear, no Trashed […]

Parisians Take Les Parcs Seriously

In Paris, parks are a serious form of entertainment. You go to a park to do nothing. Lie on the grass. Kiss your chou chou. Watch people walk buy. You don’t see much activity–when you see people jogging, you know they are Americans. When I have looked for a dog to photograph in the Tuileries, […]

O is for Museum: Orsay and Orangerie

I have looked forward to visiting the Orsay and the Orangerie with their important Impressionist collections. The Orsay Museum picks up where the Louvre collection leaves off—1848 to 1914– with the best general collection of Impressionist work: Manet, Monet, Renoir, Degas, Van Gogh, Cezanne, and Gauguin.

Located in a former train station, the physical building […]

Voila Le Velo!

A new bike service called Velib has over 20,000 bikes at over 1400 automated stations in Paris. The first half hour is free—after that a subscription for the day is 1 Euro. E-husband and I have seen the stations throughout Paris and today, while sitting at a cafe drinking un grand creme, we watched a […]

A Change in the Weather

The cab driver said, “It is 27!” We couldn’t calculate the conversion into Celsius fast enough so we just nodded and said, Mon Dieu! Since then we learned that it is 87 degrees but my e-husband says it only feels like 86. (Note: my e-husband, upon learning that he was mentioned on this blog as […]

Fashion Faux Pas

I’m going to the fashion capital of the world, right! So I thought I’d prepare myself by looking at some of the fashion from Spring Fashion Week. Just so you know, I refuse to show my butt no matter how fashionable (see image far right below). And these shoes are for Frankenstein’s Bride. Can you […]

60,000 Mile Ticket to Paris

Orbitz, Travelocity, Kayak, they are my friends during the day when I am bored or stressed and I decide to take a break by daydreaming of my next trip—I’ve found incredibly cheap fares this way. During one of my explorations this April, I checked on tickets to Paris from Jackson on Delta’s Sky Miles site […]