Death of Two Pairs of Little Black Flats

I just couldn’t stand them anymore—the Trashed Tuilleries shoes went into the trash today for many, many reasons. But now, what will take their place?

You may wonder, “what’s the problem! She has plenty of shoes.” Au contraire.
Guess what –the German Nanny shoes gave me blisters. No German Nanny Shoes to wear, no Trashed Tuilleries Shoes, what will I use for shoes that
a. are comfortable enough to walk miles in
b. I don’t care if they get ruined.

I’m walking out of class today asking myself this question wearing the German Nanny Shoes and limping slightly when I see a rack of shoes at the Les Halle Market–row after row of little black flats for only 15 Euros. I try on a pair and they feel 100 times better than the German Nanny Shoes currently torturing my feet. So I hand over my 15 E, put the German Nanny Shoes in my bag and wear my new purchase during the ten-minute walk home.

Les chassures plastique!

Les chaussures plastique!

Picture walking down the streets of Paris wearing plastic milk cartons on your feet. That’s how my feet felt about a block away. I counted the miserable blocks to the apartment, walked inside, took a photograph of the shoes for my blog and threw them in the trash too, feeling only slightly guilty that I wasted 15 E. Remember the old saying: You get what you pay for. Now on a quest to find another pair of little black flats!


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