Chic Free Things to Do in Paris

Frenchophile is happy to welcome Lela Lake, who is guest posting for us today. Lela is a life-long lover of Parisian culture who writes for, the budget travel specialists. Bienvenue, Lela!

Entertaining yourself in Paris on a budget is a snap if you possess a sense of adventure and an eye for the delights […]

Hotel Living is the Life for Me

Fashion Designer Christian LaCroix listed his apartment for 2.6 million

During my previous visits to Paris, I’ve rented an apartment—historic spaces with windows that you could throw open onto the street, light that streamed inside, a true Parisian experience. ( I did not rent Chrisitan LaCroix’s apartment but a girl can dream.)  […]

Museum Lights Out (Temporarily) in the City of Lights: a “grève” situation

Lights out at the Louvre

My daughter Anna had a dream of going to Paris this Christmas. She looked up photos of Paris during the holidays – the cozy cafes, the twinkling white lights. It didn’t work out for us to go this year. In hindsight, I’m relieved we didn’t splurge on tickets […]

Au Revoir

I don’t know how this could happen but the suitcase that I brought to Paris is no longer big enough for all my things. I didn’t do a lot of shopping but I did buy a few books, a couple pairs of little black flats, some gifts that I will not describe because my friends […]

Le Business Meeting

First let me say that my computer has gone haywire. For some strange reason, spell check has switched to French. So when I type, every English word that I type appears underlined like it is misspelled. But the French words are not underlined, in other words, c’est parfait. I may have typos now because only […]