The Best of Ile Saint Louis

We’ve practically eaten our way around the Ile Saint Louis–literally. Three blocks of cafes, restaurants, brasseries and bistros. We had every intention of leaving the island, but why? The food here is fantastic—some of our meals go on the best ever list:

Lentil soup at Le Tastevin: what can possibly be interesting about lentil soup? […]

Je Mange Paris, N’est ce Pas?

I must warn you that I’m typing while eating a pear tart and it’s making my computer keys sticky so excuse me one moment. There that’s better.

Delicious Pear Tart

Now where was I? Oh yes, food.

Food is everywhere in Paris. As long as you have a little money—you don’t even […]

A Moveable Feast

We’ve arrived! The apartment is located in the premier arrondissement, also known as the museum neighborhood, one block from the Louvre above a restaurant and flanked by a patisserie and a bistro—could we ask for more?

Pied A Terre

Tired after traveling 24 hours we seated ourselves in a bistro chair on the […]