Mosquitos of Paris

The 24-hour mosquito buffet

Paris isn’t perfect. Nearly. But not perfect. It still has its problems just like everywhere. There’s the dog poo on the sideway issue, which can be hazardous. There are the many strikes that occur, shutting down transportation. And there are the mosquitos.

Ile Saint Louis was resurrected from swampland and it is surrounded by the Seine. So why am I surprised by the voracious, plump mosquitoes? Of course these are mosquitoes with style; like other Parisians they stay out late, coming inside only during the wee hours of the morning when I am sound asleep. They probably wear tiny little berets. Since the historic buildings like the one I am staying in don’t have air conditioning, on hot nights we are forced to sleep with the window open — creating a 24-hour buffet for hungry bugs. I wake up with bites on my nose, cheek, arms — anything that is exposed to this army.

However, if I were a mosquito I would head for the island, too. There is an ice cream stand and several patisseries on every block, not to mention the chocolatiers. I would fly straight to the Ile Saint Louis and feast on sugar-laden visitors like me.

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