Au Bientot, Paris

Pont Marie

As I prepare to return home, I am packing my clothes which seem to have expanded, no longer fitting into my suitcase. Part of the problem is the Soldes, the sale in Paris that begins on June 26 and continues through August. Stores slash prices from 30-50 percent so it’s a great time for shopping. I bought a few souvenirs that amazingly are not fitting into my bag so I will need to buy a box at the post office for 40 E to ship back to the U.S.

As I pack, I’m taking stock of my favorite things in Paris:
The Sold Es
White Burgundy (chardonnay)
French Onion soup, Paysanne salad with quail eggs, roasted goat cheese on toast
Chilled Rose on a hot day
Flower shops that sell buckets of cabbage sized peonies
Bouquinistes along the Seine
Notre Dame Bells
Boats on The Seine
Pont Marie, the most romantic bridge in Paris where you can make a romantic wish and it is guaranteed to come true in the next year
Closerie de Lilas and Au Vieux Paris restaurants
The Orangerie and Musee Orsay
Lovers kissing everywhere
Ile Saint Louis
The petite chiens that remind me of Edward back home
Café society
Triple crème cheeses
Holding hands with NoLo E-hub
The Jardin Luxembourg and the Tuileries
Montmartre and Versaiiles
French children singing on their way to school
Shakespeare and Company

Farewell, Paris. Until next year!

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