Hi-tech Paris

Little Black Flats

Five weeks until I leave for Paris! A mere 35 Days! Relying on my Paris experience from last summer, I’ve worked out some of my packing problems: shoes—little black flats ready to go. Clothes—last summer was unbearably hot and I found that summer dresses were the most comfortable—plus I felt properly dressed for lunch at a fabulous restaurant or a cocktail at a neighborhood café.

The puzzle I needed to solve for this year’s trip was a technical one. I want to be able to print out maps, directions, and web info while I’m in Paris. After researching mobile printers I’ve decided upon the Canon Pixma IP100.

I want to be “connected” wherever I go in Paris. I could use my Ipod Touch for wifi—that way I can get emails and use the Internet while I’m walking around town—but my IPod Touch doesn’t have a camera or phone so I’ll also need a phone.

Maybe I should bring a phone and a netpad—those little cute computers that you can throw in your purse. I found an adorable pink netbook for $350 dollars that would do the trick. Then I could rent a Vodaphone for the month.

Post Pink in Paris?

Or what about an iPad? Wouldn’t that be handy to take notes, load photos and use as a web browser?

the iPad takes Paris by storm

But wait—enter the Blackberry Tour world phone—one-stop shopping for email, web browser, phone and camera while in Paris. Would the French call it Le Blackberry? Or Le Mure? (Blackberry a la francais.)This would solve many of my problems: I wouldn’t’ have to get a new phone number. I can load GPS, Google Maps and Skype—as well as a translation application! I can get email on the go (and Verizon offers an affordable global plan for text, email, and web).

Beloved Blackberry

The world in Paris will be at my fingertips. Need a taxi? I’ll have it programmed into my phone. How to find Deux Magots? Use GPS—n’est ce pa?

Stay tuned to see if my technological solution really does make my life as easy as I hope. I’m driving to Verizon right now to buy a new Blackberry! (Le Mure)

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  • Magnifique! ‘Le Mure’ sounds like a great solution for you in Paris. You may also want to install the free app R-Vintage by REGARD (http://www.regard.com/) that allows you to quickly look up vintage ratings by country, region and varietal — thus increasing the chances of picking a winner from the wine list. (No more plonk!)