Ma Petite Chien Va A Paris?

Edward practices getting on an elevator

Edward loves the French life. In Paris, dogs are transformed from dogs into small kings. They are invited into cafes, department stores, and hotels as long as they have good manners. Edward tasted this life at the Hotel Monaco on a trip to Salt Lake City and now he is dreaming of a trip to Paris.

The little king on his bed at Hotel Monoco

Could I actually take Edward with me to Paris? I can picture the two of us strolling down the Boulevard St. Germain. Or lounging at our beautiful apartment. Dogs are not allowed in most parks, however, so I’m not sure if Edward would enjoy walking only on cement. He prefers grass. But then, perhaps Parisian cement is better than plain old U.S. cement. Perhaps he could adapt.


I started doing research to see if I can bring Edward with me to Paris.
There isn’t a quarantine required but there are regulations:
1. Each family is limited to 5 animals (children are not counted as animals!).
2. every animal must be identified by a microchip (standard ISO 11784 or annex A ISO standard 11785) or a tatoo. If the microchip’s standard is different, you must bring your own scanner in order to read the microchip.
3. every animal must have a valid rabies vaccination, even if less than 3 months old. If it is the first rabies vaccination for the pet, you must wait 21 days between the last shot of the vaccination protocol and departure.
4. the health certificate will be valid for 4 months after signature by an official veterinarian (certified by the USDA) or endorsement by the competent authority (USDA). The list of USDA Area Offices of Veterinary Services may be consulted at the following URL address
5. the blood test is not required for animals coming from Canada and the United States.
You also need to check with the airlines to see if they require any additional paperwork.British Airways was expensive as the dog had to travel as cargo. If you fly Air France you can take the dog as excess baggage, and it is much cheaper and easier. One family paid almost $1000 for the dog to fly BA and the charge was only $150 with Air France.

Maybe I can train Edward to ride in a handbag—probably unlikely unless I pulled him on a rollable suitcase, he’s a bit of pudge in his older age. Or to ride in a basket on my bicycle. Who am I kidding, his nickname is piglet, he’s a chunky little fellow. But he would fit in a kennel/bag under my seat. This is where the idea comes to halt. I picture poor old man Edward stuck under my seat for 13 hours—he would need to pee. We have a brief stop in Atlanta—I could possible rush him outside and then, what? Go back through security? How does one go through security with a dog? Does he have a boarding pass? What if his microchip set off the alarm? What if we were detained and we missed our flight. The paranoid part of me has overtaken my imagination and vetoed Edward going to Paris. I must go to Paris sans chien.

Edward at home reading fashion magazines

For now, Edward will have to content himself with an annual visit to the Hotel Monaco. And also, I will be without the perfect Parisian accessory. Quelle domage!


2 comments to Ma Petite Chien Va A Paris?

  • The Hotel Monoco Sure beats the local doggie daycare or pet boarding kennel!

  • Margot

    What about Doggy diapers? Hey, it’s an option. Then you just take him to the loo and change him there when necessary. Maybe start by getting him used to them in the states- use them a couple times and see how he does with them.

    P.S. I saw the ad for your Left Bank retreat via Facebook and was hooked. If only I had the funds, I would so be there. As it is, I will have to suffer with only your blog for company/inspiration. 🙂