Paris Encore

Sometimes life is better than, well, life! My friend Sarah said, “Why don’t you do for other writers what you did for me? You could take them to museums, go to restaurants, show them Paris?”

The clock at Musee D

This is the most brilliant idea ever!


Deciding to test the waters, I conceived a salon-style week in Paris and dubbed my new project the Left Bank Writers Retreat: We’ll write each morning from a beautiful Paris apartment; in the afternoon we’ll explore Paris. My friend Eliza created a beautiful website for the project, we pushed the button to launch the site and crossed our fingers.

The response from writers was immediate. We had so much interest we added a second week (still space available). Sarah agreed to sign on and teach a session about poetry and help pull the class together—it will be so much fun to have her there. So for the entire month of June, I’ll be spending my time in Paris. Pinch me.

I’m already planning where we’ll go and what we’ll see. For today though, sitting in Jackson Hole looking out at sun on snow I’m going to daydream a little and make a list of my favorite things in Paris, the many things we have to look forward to:

Reading a book while sitting on a bench at the Tuilleries
Riding bicycles at Versailles
Strolling through Rodin’s garden
A corner café with Vodka Tonics and fresh lemon
The pear tartes
Watching children sail boats at le Jardin du Luxembourg
The clock at Orsay Museum
Dinner at The Café Eustache with my e husband and boyfriend

Can’t wait to add more to the list!

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