The $200 Croissant

Yesterday I saw “It’s Complicated”–a fabulous movie where Meryl Streep’s character owns a gorgeous bakery in Santa Barbara. During one scene, love-interest Steve Martin craves fresh croissants so Streep takes him to her bakery where she proceeds to make croissants right there in front of him. During this after hours tour, Streep uses her croissant […]

Au Revoir

I don’t know how this could happen but the suitcase that I brought to Paris is no longer big enough for all my things. I didn’t do a lot of shopping but I did buy a few books, a couple pairs of little black flats, some gifts that I will not describe because my friends […]

The Sweetness of Paris

In Paris, the key to good living is very simple: wine, cheese, cafes and pastries. C’est tout. You will also find at least one patisserie on every block. My friend Eliza gave me the book Patisseries that provides a list of the most well known shops and their specialties—many are my immediate neighborhood.