Wordless Wednesday

Mosquitos of Paris

The 24-hour mosquito buffet

Paris isn’t perfect. Nearly. But not perfect. It still has its problems just like everywhere. There’s the dog poo on the sideway issue, which can be hazardous. There are the many strikes that occur, shutting down transportation. And there are the mosquitos.

Ile Saint Louis was resurrected from swampland […]

Wordless Wednesday

Waking to a Marching Band

It’s Sunday in Paris! Our plan is to have a lazy morning in our quiet apartment, followed by breakfast (un petite dejeuner) in a corner café with giant Café au Laits. I am sitting in my bathrobe just waking when I hear what sounds like a marching band outside the window. Going to the window, […]

Where’s Picasso?

Le Pigeon aux Petit Pois

It’s getting harder to see Picasso in Paris by the minute. The Picasso Museum, one of my favorites, is closed for renovations—something I read about in the 2010 Rick Steves’ Paris before leaving for Paris. Plus, I learned that during the renovation work last summer, a red sketchbook with […]

Free Paris

Peonies in Paris

Last summer it cost almost 1.50 to purchase one euro and today it costs 1.20. That means that dollars stretch further today than they did one year ago. Maybe it’s because I’m intoxicated by this city, but so far I’ve noticed how affordable the good life can be: Triple cream cheese, […]

La pluie dans Paris sans parapluie! (The rain in Paris without an umbrella)

Today, rain is falling over the city creating a coziness in cafes that is often portrayed in romantic movies. Taxis rush by on the wet streets splashing pedestrians as they pass; pedestrians march down the sidewalk–an army of umbrellas. Waiters step outside periodically to poke the canvas awnings with broomsticks disgorging the water collecting overhead. […]

An Island Surrounded by Ice Cream (Tourists take a Licking)

Ile Saint Louis in Paris

We have arrived in Paris! (For those who are new to this blog, in August, 2009, I came on vacation to Paris with my estranged husband and boyfriend. But thanks to Paris, he is no longer estranged. So I will refer to him as my No Longer Estranged […]

Hi-tech Paris

Little Black Flats

Five weeks until I leave for Paris! A mere 35 Days! Relying on my Paris experience from last summer, I’ve worked out some of my packing problems: shoes—little black flats ready to go. Clothes—last summer was unbearably hot and I found that summer dresses were the most comfortable—plus I felt […]

Paris Encore

Sometimes life is better than, well, life! My friend Sarah said, “Why don’t you do for other writers what you did for me? You could take them to museums, go to restaurants, show them Paris?”

The clock at Musee D

This is the most brilliant idea ever!


Deciding to test the waters, […]